New statistics on refugee numbers in Russia

New statistics on refugee numbers published online




Article published on the ASI website


The Civic Support Committee (recognised as a foreign agent inside Russia) has released a report on Migration Numbers for 2023.


In the document, the Committee refers to statistics produced by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of the Interior, according to which only 16 people were recognised as refugees during the whole of 2023. As of 31 December, 244 people had refugee status, 23 fewer than in 2022 (277) and six fewer than the previous quarter (250 as at 30 September). Last year’s figures are the lowest recorded since 1997.


Russia also has temporary asylum status, which is granted for one year. According to the Interior Ministry, this was granted 6,828 times last year which is 15-fold less than in 2022 (in that year, temporary asylum was granted more than 91,000 times). On 31 December 2023, 17,308 people had this status, most of whom were from Ukraine (14,527). The lowest number of people with temporary status over the last 10 years was in 2021 (10,581).





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