New website for social services NGOs in Russia

NGO social services’ provider website launched




At a conference held in the Federation’s Public Chamber, reference was made to the launch of an NGO social services’ provider website. It contains information on most of the organisations listed on social service providers’ registers across Russia.


At the All-Russian conference on “Socially orientated NGOs in the social service market for families and children” co-organised by the National Charity for the Protection of Cruelty to Children held on 28 February, its President, Alexander Spivak, announced the launch of a new Internet resource “A directory of NGO social service providers”. He explained that a programme of phased NGO access to State funds was being rolled out which will provide social services to citizens across the country, reports the Public Chamber’s website.


“The directory explains what the NGO sector can offer on the social services market. It includes information on the range of services provided by SONGOs, on NGOs that are already providing such services and which also receive State funding (by region and sector), on the use by NGOs of various types of State and non-State support, as well as providing an opportunity to post relevant material and exchange experiences in social service provision. We are inviting organisations to edit or post information about themselves, on the services they provide and the support received”, said Spivak.








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