New website on work in the non-profit sector

“Work with a purpose”: New website created on careers in the non-profit sector


What is a CSO, how does one start a career in the third sector, and what skills are required, are questions that are answered on a new website: The site has been created with support from the Moscow Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy.

“We believe that professional development consistent with modern values applies equally to charity as well as business”, say the website’s founders. They see rapid progress being made in the third sector, with many CSOs on the constant look-out for talented people.

Material on the website consists of a series of articles. For example, the site’s creators identify and debunk five myths about working for CSOs, including that CSOs pay little.

CSO employees speak on the site about their career experiences and highlight five useful skills for working in the sector: “communicate and build strong relationships”, “be a team player”, “think in terms of projects”, “take decisions and don’t be afraid to assume personal responsibility” and “be more multi-tasking than a computer”.

“Thanks to this initiative, the public can see the competitive nature of CSO work, with people able to apply for new vacancies. This will be of particular interest to those who are just starting out on their career path”, said a representative from the Moscow Committee.


Translated by Neil Hailey

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