NGO chief executives to take part in research

‘Tsirkon’ (a research body) and ASI invite
NGO chief executives to take part in research


aim of the research is to study the potential of NGOs as ‘suppliers of services
to the public’ i.e. by delivering social services and acting as mediators for
the resolution of actual social problems and the development of civic
activities. ASI has commissioned Tsirkon to carry out the research.


NGOs invited to participate are from Moscow, the Voronezh, Nizhegorod,
Volgograd and Sverdlovsk regions, and the Republic of North Osetia-Alania.
Participants are guaranteed confidentiality as regards their opinions and appraisals,
which will be included in the conclusions in general form only. Individuals
will not be referred to.


willing to take part in the research and to reply to the questionnaire may
for the purpose of obtaining the link to and completing the questionnaire in
electronic format.


Contact: Elena Khalkina (Tsirkon Research Group) Tel; 00 7 (495)

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