NGO course on Management in Social Sphere

The charitable
foundation ‘Volunteers in Aid of Orphans’ is offering a distance learning
course ‘Management in the Social Sphere’


The charitable foundation ‘Volunteers in Aid of Orphans’ invites managers, employees and volunteers
from socially-oriented NGOs to a distance learning course called ‘Management in
the social sphere.’ This is organised with the support of the Ministry for
Economic Development of the Russian Federation, within the scope of the
programme ‘Voluntary participation in the solving the problems of child


The aim of the course is not only to spread new
knowledge but also to set up a platform for sharing experiences and holding
discussions with colleagues from all Russian regions. The study course is
available on from 13th
September- 20th October inclusive. The course will cover the
following modules: ‘Foundation Course in Fundraising’, ‘Special Events: Charity
Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Fairs’, ‘PR and NGOs’, ‘Work on the Internet:
Social Networks, Free Internet Services, the Rules of Creating Sites’, ‘Working
with volunteers.’


Classes will be delivered in interactive form; in the
format of webinars, video lectures, and case studies for implementation and
discussion. Throughout the course, there will be a constant exchange of
information between participants and lecturers, who are prepared to answer
questions and give advice.


The following individuals will act as convenors: Elena
Alshanskaya- President of the charitable foundation ‘Volunteers in Aid of
Orphans’ (, Irina
Menshenina- Development Director of ‘Downside Up’ (,
Ekaterina Bermant, NP Director of ‘Vse Vmeste’ ( and Director of the charity ‘Detskie Serdtsa’,
Anastasia Gulyavina- Director of the New Year charity market ‘Dushebnii Bazaar’
Svetlana Gorbacheva- Director of the marketing and communications group CAF
Russia, (,
Sergei Dolgov- Creative Director of Profit Research, Curator of the advertising
major at the Higher School of Economics, General Director of the charitable
foundation ‘Different Children’ (


The study course is free
of charge. Upon completion of the course students will be sent a certificate.
You can enrol on the course via the link: The introductory webinar will be on 13th
September at 11.00 am (Moscow time), advance registration for the webinar:



Irina Ganzha, email:


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