NGOs’ channel to G20

representatives can post their suggestions using the ‘Civil 20’ platform


An internet-based
solution called ‘Dialogues’ has been created for Russian users within the
“Civil 20′ platform to facilitate suggestions from the public to the leaders of
the ‘G20’ countries. This project is aimed at facilitating dialogue between the
leaders and the public, and initiating public consultations. The project
heralds the start of the preparations for the June 2013 G20 summit, which will
be taking place in Russia for the first time. The site has around 40,000
registered users, the majority of whom are English-speaking.


The goal of Civil
20 is to facilitate a productive dialogue between the global community,
politicians and decision-makers based on the priorities presented in the
official agenda of the Russian G20 presidency. Russia is the first
president-country to initiate a ‘Civil 20’ scheme.


At present, the
site has set up online dialogues on six themes:
economic growt
h and energy
sustainability, food security
, anti-corruption measures, employment,
financial literacy and education, and development for the rest of the
millennium (Post-2015 MDGs).

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