Russian CSO establishes a non-profit expertise information exchange

In the online exchange, called CSO Experts, one can find experts from non-profit organisations of any expertise and in any region.


The exchange was founded by members of The School of Regional Experts — a community of clients as well as experienced and aspiring non-profit organisation experts.

“We know that the tools that work in Moscow or St. Petersburg may not be applicable in other regions. That is why we offer regional experts who know their city or region. Cooperating with them will help you find effective solutions,” the organisers explained.

The exchange works for non-profit organisations, social businesses, and resource centres. It is possible to find an expert from a regional CSO of any specialty or expertise (PR, legal services, social design, or fundraising, for example) for consultation or collaboration; learn how to choose the right expert and what skills to focus on; and attend an online marathon course from 6 June to 10 to learn more about CSO experts and become a good customer yourself.

You can learn more about The School of Regional Experts on their website.


Translated by: Spencer Michaels


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