Marat Abdullaiev is a 35-year-old lawyer and volunteer in Odesa. Like many young professionals in Ukraine, he has been using his education and skills as best he can to help a population traumatized by war. Abdullaiev has founded the NEXT Youth Charity Fund, aimed at taking care of needy families’ preschool children.

How did you start your humanitarian activity?

In 2018, we were a group of people, mostly lawyers and attorneys, and we began to self-organize some small projects, such as providing free legal assistance. During my student years, I helped in our academic legal clinic, where we provided consultations to those who couldn’t afford to pay for lawyers. We also assisted some families facing difficult circumstances. People mostly learned about us through word of mouth, as others consistently recommended us. That’s how it all started.

 Marat Abdullaiev

NEXT Youth Charity Fund

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