Official plan of action to boost charity work in Russia

The Ministry of Economic Development draws up a plan of action to boost charity work by 2025


The Ministry of Economic Development has drawn up a plan to develop the concept of charity work in Russia.  The plan includes measures to finalise the legislative basis for increasing charity work and to encourage people to get more involved. It seeks to expand international cooperation on charitable initiatives as well as supporting charities within Russia.  It aims to supply resources to voluntary centres based around schools, academic institutions and colleges and to promote charity work within the commercial sector.  The plan of action extends to 2025.

The plan incorporates many of the ideas that were discussed by representatives of the ministries, agencies and voluntary organisations that took part in the International Forum of Volunteers in Moscow from 3-5 December 2018.

For full details of the plan of action click here on the Ministry of Economic Development’s website: сайте


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