OMK to support social projects by employees and local organisations

OMK Metallurgical company will finance 59 social projects by company employees, NGOs, municipalities and state institutions

Moscow 26/04/2016

United Metallurgical Company has announced the results of the ‘OMK-Partnership’ second contest of charitable and social projects. OMK will send 9.3 million roubles for the implementation of projects of employees of the company and non-profit organisations in the Perm Territory, Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

256 applications were received for the OMK-Partnership contest. 76 projects from employees of OMK and 180 from non-commercial organisations from all regions where the company has a presence. According to the expert council of the contest, 59 projects received financial support: 35 – from organisations and 24 – from employees.

The expert council of the ‘OMK-Partnership’ includes OMK business leaders, business partners of the company, specialised regional ministries and departments and heads of resource centres for NGOs. The experts chose the most effective and sustainable projects for the future. Innovative applications with co-financing amounting to 25% of the budget and the participation of volunteers received the highest score.

According to the head of direction of OMK’s charitable and sponsorship projects, Olga Mironova, the OMK-Partnership contest combined business, the most active residents of the regions and aroused great interest among employees of OMK.

The winning projects of non-profit organisations, state and local government agencies were aimed at supporting the elderly, people with disabilities and their involvement in an active life, the promotion of family units for orphans, prevention of domestic violence, protection of nature and public amenities, the development of culture, healthy lifestyle, stocks to raise funds for charity.

For example, the project ‘Silver Age. We help each other’ (Chusovoy, Perm Krai) which is aimed at the formation of self-help groups among veterans of the Chusovoy Metallurgical Plant, involving them in an active social life and volunteering. As a result of the implementation of the project, a ‘Silver Age. We help each other’ club will be opened, as well as the good office ‘grandmother for an hour.’ Elderly people can help single-parent families or families with growing children with disabilities (babysitting or meeting them from school, helping to prepare homework, etc.).

The charity marathon ‘Good Chelyabinsk’ will be held in Chelyabinsk. The project is proposed for the Chelyabinsk regional charity foundation ‘Native’. Authors of the project will involve ‘Trubodetal’ employees, representatives of commercial organisations and non-governmental organisations to participate in the ‘blagozabeg’ and the festival of good deeds in order to collect funds for the charity and provide targeted assistance to individuals who find themselves in difficult situations, including for the charity foundation OMK-Participation.

Among the applications that received approval from the staff, the most popular direction was the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, physical exercise and sports. Also among these projects there is support for social initiatives within poorly protected areas of the population, improvement and protection of nature, patriotic education and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Within the framework of the project ‘The Magical World of Ceramics’, volunteers from Chusovoy Metallurgical Plant will teach pottery skills to pensioners and veterans, children and adults with disabilities, orphans and unemployed people from Chusovoy. Also among the winners was the project ‘Free your wardrobe’ – ecological and humanitarian action to collect clothes from the OMK Moscow office in partnership with the Charity Shop project. Anything collected will be split into three categories: rags for recycling, humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations and things for sale, the proceeds of which go to charity.

In the village of Novosineglazovsky in the Chelyabinsk region, ‘Trubodetal’ volunteers will offer sanitary assistance to veterans, pensioners and low-income families, including installation of meters and hygiene equipment, etc. Volunteers from the Vyksa Steel Works (Zhizhegorodskaya region) will landscape surroundings and a small beach at the shoreline of Vilskogo local pond, and volunteers of the Annunciation Valve Plant are equipping a playground for children with disabilities. In addition, together with the family centre ‘Family BOOM’ they will hold cultural events for children and their parents. The draft law will encourage the integration of children with disabilities into society.

“This year, we celebrated attention to OMK initiatives on the part of regional authorities and business representatives. We thanked those who took part in the contest, particularly our staff. They were the main initiators of improvements not only in their enterprises, but also outside them,” said the head of charitable and sponsorship projects at OMK, Olga Mironova.

You can view the projects of all 59 winners of the OMK-Partnership contest  2016 on the contest page on the OMK official website.

Author: Yulia Viatkina


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