Paid internships in NGOs for Moscow graduates, deadline 10 September

130 NGO vacancies: Moscow graduates are offered paid internships


Graduates of Moscow colleges and universities in 2019 and 2020 can intern at the Moscow social development complex – “Moscow – a Kind City”. One of the avenues available is working in non-profit organisations.

You can intern at one of 30 NGOs, including the Centre for Therapeutic Pedagogy, the foundations “Old Age in Joy” and “Believe in a Dream”, as well as the Union of Volunteer Organisations and Movements, etc.

A total of 130 vacancies are open. Organisations’ applications outline which areas the graduates would be able to train in. These areas include social work, psychology, pedagogy, office management, public relations, advertising and PR, website management, recruitment, journalism/copy writing and photo and video work.

The spokesperson for the Department of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow said, “For example, a trainee psychologist will help establish relationships between people, as well as conduct group training for personal growth. A trainee social worker will help people in crisis situations, e.g. by helping to restore documents, consult and interact with specialised organisations that solve a particular problem.”

In the final screening, the trainees will be assigned to a speciality. The final decision on their internship will be made after their personal interview with the head of the NGO.

Applications close 10 September. The application is open to graduates under 30 years of age with permanent registration in Moscow, who are not employed or are not part of the Moscow government’s personnel reserve. A total of 500 graduates will participate in the internship program.


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