“Patriotic stop-list” to be reviewed in December

Organisations on the “patriotic stop-list” will be examined before the end of the year

28 October 2015

Profile departments will decide whether “undesirable” organisations should be included on the “patriotic stop-list”, which was created by the senators.

According to RIA Novosti, the Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on constitutional legislation and state construction, Andrei Klishas, said, “By the end of this year, profile departments will finalise the screening of organisations suggested in the Federation Council’s patriotic stop-list of potentially unwanted entities on Russian territory.”

The law on “undesirable” organisations was adopted in May 2015. The law attracted criticism from Russian and international human rights communities. In July, the Federation Council created a “patriotic stop-list” of 12 organisations whose activities could be called “undesirable”. The National Endowment for Democracy was first on the list. The decision regarding the “undesirability” of any organisation is made by the Prosecutor’s office in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the list of “undesirables” is maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

According to information previously published in the mass media, the Federation Council can extend the “patriotic stop-list”. The Ford Foundation, the Jamestown Foundation and Open Russia in particular may be included on the list of “undesirable” organisations. Senators have postponed the issue of the possible extension of the “patriotic stop-list” until December.

Author: Grigory Ivanushkin


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