Perm project to improve legal literacy among disabled people

The Perm District to be involved in improving legal literacy among people with disabilities




The Regional Organisation of the Society for People with Disabilities in Perm will be involved in organising training on knowledge of the law and increasing legal literacy among disabled people during July.


“We have managed to secure support for a project to promote the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms”, said the organisation’s Chair, Nadezhda Romanova. The need for such training was confirmed by the National Agency for Financial Studies analytical centre, which rated legal literacy among Russians in 2020 as being 47 out of a possible 100. Knowledge about their rights and entitlements and the ability to take advantage of them are essential for a person’s quality of life”.


Those taking part in the New Knowledge – New Opportunities project, which is due to end in January next year, are leaders and activists from 29 local organisations of the Perm Regional Society for People with Disabilities.


Lecturers from Perm University will teach counselling and basic legal assistance skills to disabled people as part of a specially designed programme.


The skills development programme includes lectures and practical training in 12 individual areas. These include legislation on the rights and entitlements of people with disabilities, a procedure for defining what constitutes disability, rehabilitation and habilitation, the provision of technical rehabilitation aids, the rights and entitlements of disabled people in education, work and employment, housing, entrepreneurial activity, medical care, the rights of families with disabled children, the creation of an accessible environment, the specifics involved in defending the rights and judicial protection of disabled people, and providing social services for people with disabilities.


The New Knowledge – New Opportunities project is being supported by the Russian Presidential Grants Foundation.





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