Plan for nurseries for young student-mothers in Russia

Nurseries may be opened in universities and colleges for young mothers and their children




In order to support young mothers who receive education, the Ministry of Labor is considering the possibility of organising nurseries in Russian educational institutions.


There are only enough nursery places for 84% of the country’s children, and not every mother has the financial ability to hire a nanny while she is studying. According to the National Parental Committee, nurseries in educational institutions would help women who, while on maternity leave, study to expand or improve their qualifications.


Now the Ministry of Labor is developing a questionnaire for women with children of preschool age. Izvestia reports that if a sociological survey confirms that mothers need nurseries in educational institutions, the department will prepare its proposals and send them to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


A schedule has already been developed for the implementation of the ‘Promotion of Employment’ state programme for 2019 and 2020-2021, from which it follows that by November 1, the Ministry of Labor will have prepared its proposals for organising childcare for up to three years in vocational education institutions. It is expected that before 2024 up to 250,000 Russians will take advantage of this service.


However, it will not be easy to implement the idea, since the sanitary requirements for children’s facilities are much higher than for adults. Irina Abankina, director of the HSE Institute for the Development of Education, believes that it is impossible to create conditions in universities that meet all sanitary standards for children to stay throughout the day. Instead, she suggests short stay groups, in which children can be for two to four hours.


According to Mikhail Eskindarov, president of the Financial University, two years ago the opening of a kindergarten with 50 places for the children of university staff and teachers was planned, but it was not possible to agree on a project that would meet all the requirements of the Rospotrebnadzor and the Emergencies Ministry.


Last year during his address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin set the goal of eliminating nursery waiting lists. In addition to creating new places, the state plans to train about 150,000 nannies by the year 2024 and issue around nine thousand grants to create groups for the care of preschool-age children at home, via the national project ‘Demography’.




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