Proposal to create a register of “destructive” foreign CSOs in Russia  

A proposal to create a register of “destructive” foreign CSOs in Russia




At the end of July, the Federation Council approved amendments to the law “On Non-Profit Organisations” that will allow citizens and companies to participate in the activities of a foreign CSO that does not have a presence in Russia, provided they notify the Ministry of Justice.


On 5 October, the Commission for Legal Support for the Digital Economy of the Moscow branch of the Russian Bar Association and representatives from national IT associations proposed that the Russian Ministry of Digital Development of Communications and Mass Media should create a register of foreign CSOs “that do not have a presence” in Russia and which conduct destructive activities against Russia’s interests and its citizens, TASS reported.


“Russian companies and citizens are already working with foreign CSOs that are not represented in the country. They pay contributions to international organisations for the development of the IT industry, internet infrastructure, open source solutions and international standards for radio electronics and electrical engineering”, say those behind the initiative.


The proposal is to create an appropriate register to ensure that such participation does not have “negative consequences”. Taking part in the work of foreign CSOs that are not on the register would not be punishable under administrative or criminal law.


The process for maintaining the register and the competent authority responsible for its management would be approved by the Russian Government. The Commission also wants to develop criteria to determine whether the activities of foreign CSOs without a presence in the Russian Federation are destructive and whether they can undermine the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.


The Commission has already sent its proposals to the State Duma and the Ministry of Finance.




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