Public Chamber organises training courses for NGOs

The Public Chamber organises training for the third sector



Civil activists and NGOs will receive training each quarter in the Public Chamber’s corporate university.

According to Alexander Brechalov, Secretary of the Public Chamber, only 2% of those involved in the work of the third sector are aware of co-financing projects run by Ministries and Departments. The Chamber aims to roll out a training programme for civil activists and NGOs during 2016.

“We are creating a corporate university within the Public Chamber that will hold quarterly training sessions for activists and NGOs so that they can learn about clever and innovative projects that are being carried out in various regions across Russia. We ran the first course in October this year with the support of the President’s Executive Office which was attended by more than 300 activists from nearly 70 regions. A number of topical issues were raised during discussions that will form the basis for next year’s training programme. Participants from the third sector will require different levels of support, including training, which we intend organising during 2016”, Brechalov explained.

According to Brechalov, the potential for growth of the NGO sector in Russia is not just limited to Presidential grants for organisations. “For example, activists and NGOs operating in small regions should be aware that the Ministry of Agriculture has funds that can be used to support their work, as well as other potential sources”, he explained.

Earlier, there had been a meeting of the socially active citizens’ forum “Community” in Moscow at which third sector representatives compiled a list of issues that can impact on the financing of NGOs. All proposals made during that meeting will be taken into account during the preparation of an annual report on the “State of Civil Society in Russia” which is to be submitted to the Russian President. According to Brechalov, the “Community” forum’s work will continue into 2016.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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