Public Chamber plan to develop volunteering

The Federation’s Public Chamber to prepare an action plan of measures to develop the role of volunteerism




The Public Chamber is to submit a package of measures designed to develop the role of the volunteer movement. “It goes without saying that volunteer organisations need extra support, so our task is to work out and produce a clear mechanism that enables these bodies to work closely with federal and local authorities. Our job therefore is to prepare an action plan that mainly takes account of the interests of volunteers themselves”, said Alexander Brechalov, Secretary of the Public Chamber.


The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has already asked the Public Chamber and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives to produce and submit the action plan, which will include proposals on how Russian legislation in this area can be improved and discuss the development of standards governing cooperation between volunteers working for Government authorities and NGOs. The plan is to be completed by 30 April 2017.


In his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Putin asked for the legal framework of NGO work as “providers of socially useful services” to be clarified and also called on NGOs to fully commit themselves to providing such services; to remove all obstacles to the development of volunteerism, as well as providing support to SONGOs.



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