Putin approves list of directives on socio-economic issues

Putin approves list of directives on socio-economic issues

The directives are to be implemented by 1 July 2024



Source: ASI


Vladimir Putin has instructed his cabinet to make changes to the Russian Federation’s legislation regarding taxes and duties. The amendments will extend the term of reduced insurance premium rates for NGOs as specified in Article 427 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (paragraph 1, subparagraph 7), and will apply to NGOs in the following fields:


  • Social services
  • Scientific research and development
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Arts and culture (including theatres, libraries, museums and archives)
  • Mass sports (not including professional sports)


The government has also been tasked with producing proposals for the revision of the development strategy of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The cabinet will also be required to consider introducing clarification of such concepts as ‘medical care’ and ‘medical service’ into legislative acts.


Where necessary, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation are to update the federal educational programme on first aid in schools.


The Russian Ministry of Culture and the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs have been instructed to prepare a programme of festivals celebrating the national cultures of the Russian Federation’s constituent entities. They are also required to submit proposals for the creation of ethnocultural centres.


The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs is to prepare and submit proposals on working young people’s involvement in public and state activities, including educational work in youth associations.


Source:  https://asi.org.ru/news/2024/03/14/vladimir-putin-utverdil-perechen-poruchenij-po-soczialno-ekonomicheskim-voprosam/?utm_order_number=1


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