Registration open for Civic Forum

Registration has opened for the 2015 All-Russian Civic Forum


The forum will be held on 21-22 November in the World Trade Centre in Moscow. The forum will consist of 11 expert platforms working regularly on analytical studies, expert and public discussions, seminars and webinars, developing proposals, and preparing reports. You can participate in these activities today.

Amongst the forum’s main areas of focus are: global challenges and civic dialogue: one civilisation, many cultures; modernisation of utilities and housing education; modernisation of the electoral system; increasing the efficiency of conservation efforts; development of local government and the empowerment of local communities; development of a system of public participation in education management and its quality control at local level; empowerment of citizens to carry out public scrutiny; reform of the law enforcement system – values and alternatives; reduction and prevention of conflicts through cooperation between civil society and the government; creating conditions for the development of the non-profit sector; and creating conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship in Russia. According to the organisers there will be further expert platforms during the launch.

The outcome of the expert platforms will be presented at the forum on 21 November. On this day expert sessions are planned involving representatives of NGOs, activists and experts from the majority of the country’s regions. Their aim is the development, advancement and implementation of proposals prepared through the work of the forum’s expert groups, as well as the generation of new ideas.

On 22 November the exhibition “Made by Civil Society” will be held for the first time. At the exhibition the achievements of NGOs, civic projects and initiatives in various spheres of civil society will be presented in different formats (booths, seminars, presentations, masterclasses, role plays, discussions etc) alongside examples of best practice in social partnerships and cross-sector cooperation. Attendance at the exhibition will be open to all- applications to visit will open after 20 October.

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