Report on state support for Russian SONGOs in 2018

Ministry of Economic Development has reported on state support of SONGOs in 2018


The Ministry of Economic Development has published a report on the measures implemented by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to ensure the access of socially oriented non-profit organisations (SONGOs) to the social services market in 2018. The report is based on an analysis of reports submitted by 83 regions, excluding the Republic of Khakassia and the Ulyanovsk region.

More than 31.3 billion roubles were transferred by the 83 regions’ authorities to support SONGOs. The funding was spread across 4,400 SONGOs. The money was spent on social welfare and social care, education, culture, healthcare, physical education and sport. 22 million people in 82 regions received these services.

In comparison: in 2017, over 24 billion roubles were allocated for the provision of social services. This was than 30% up on 2018. In 2017, the funds were spread amongst 4,100 SONGOs, compared up 7% on 2018. In 2017, services provided by SONGOs reached more than 6 million people, 3.6 times the number in 2018.

Funding for social welfare and social services (social, medical and psychological services, namely care in the home, measures for social rehabilitation and adaption measures for people with disabilities and drug addicts) increased by 93% to 11.21 billion roubles (from 5.82 billion roubles in 2017).

In 2018, 8.117 billion roubles were allocated to education (services to provide pre-school education, primary and general school education and secondary vocational education). This figure was 7.43 billion roubles in 2017, so up 9.4% in 2018.

Citizens’ healthcare (services to help people affected by various diseases, to prevent disease, to promote a healthy lifestyle and blood donation) is one of the least accessible areas for SONGOs. In 2018, this marker fell by 45% compared to 2017 and amounted to 353 million roubles (644.7 million roubles in 2017).

The full detailed report can be found on the site of the Ministry of Economic Development.


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