Results of the 2nd Presidential Grants contest

Moscow, 28.10.2014

The results of the Open Contest for NGO Grant Allocation from the Presidential office, which began on 17 January 2014, have been released. All in all, the contest’s organisers considered 4253 applications and chose 466 projects.

The Russian Youth Union chose 54 grantees.

“Young Talent” (autonomous NGO), which promotes the development of intellectual and creative potential for talented youth, will receive 11.06 million roubles to set up a creative workshop called Art Hive. Following work on the creative workshop (choosing artists, creating jobs, running competitions), six exhibitions will be organised in Moscow and St. Petersburg to exhibit the work of young artists in collaboration with a number of well-known contemporary artists.

The National Foundation for the Development of Healthcare (non-commercial foundation) will receive 4 million roubles for their project “Life movement: Volunteers and Blood Donation”. Interregional sites will be organised within the framework of the project, where various discussions can take place on young people’s experiences regarding their involvement in blood donation, opportunities for using blood donation as a theme in propaganda on healthy living, volunteering, a patriotic upbringing; thus creating an informative and methodical resource for the organisers of the blood donor movement.

The North Ossetian Republic Department within the Association for Large Families in Russia (national social organisation) will receive 500,000 roubles from the National Charity Fund grant for a project to create harmony between various ethnicities and faiths through interaction of the semi-cultural national values of the Caucasian peoples.

Also among the grantees was the Chernobyl Union of Russia (National Union for Social Associations), with a grant of 5 million roubles for the development of a national information rights resource called Social Rights and Rehabilitative Aid to Citizens and Members of their Families Suffering as a result of Radiation Accidents and Catastrophes.

All in all, 71 projects will receive grants from the National Charity Fund.

The contest, run by Civil Dignity (national social movement), has also awarded a grant to the Russian Veterans Union, which will receive 1 million roubles for a project to promote the protection of the rights and dignity of veterans from the Great Patriotic War, shortly before the 70th anniversary of Victory Day.

The Moscow Group for Promoting the Implementation of the Helsinki Accords (regional social organisation) will be channelling 1.8 million roubles into involving citizens in monitoring police activity. The Congress for Protecting the Rights and Freedoms of People, a Crimean regional social organisation also known as MIR, will receive 1.75 million roubles to create a Non-Governmental Centre for Free Legal Aid.

Civil Dignity awarded grants to 102 projects.

The Institute for Socio-economic and Political Research Fund chose 48 grantees. Among these was Positive Development, a social organisation for psychological and social tracking and health protection based in the Altai region, which received a grant of 1.8 million roubles. The Institute for Civil Society Organisations chose to give grants to 37 projects.

Charity, a regional social organisation within the Russian Orthodox Church for supporting welfare, will receive 1 million roubles for providing immediate targeted assistance on the basis of individual circumstances for elderly people on low-incomes, the disabled, families with disabled children, single-parent families, refugees and other socially vulnerable groups.

In 2014 subsidies worth 2.7 billion roubles were assigned for the support of socially significant projects. Half of the money was allocated to socially significant projects and projects relating to the protection of rights and freedoms during the first stage of the contest. 4614 applications were submitted during this stage, and 466 projects chosen.

Applications will be accepted for the third stage of the contest up to 31 October, and the debriefing will take place by 5h December. Funds of the order of 1 million roubles will be allocated on the basis of the contest.

By Yulia Vyatkina

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