Role of Community Foundations in development of philanthropy

CAF has published a study on the role of community foundations in the development of philanthropy

Authors of the work have been trying to determine the role that philanthropy plays in the development of local communities and the tools that can be used to measure this.


The new study demonstrates the use of the AST model (Assets-Potential-Trust) to answer the questions of which ideas and resources are embedded in the concept of philanthropy and how we are to evaluate it properly.

In order to assess the role and contribution of local community foundations (LCFs) in community development, researchers used surveys from community foundation leaders focused on priority areas of work, as well as interviews that documented the details of ongoing changes within the foundations. Moreover, for the first time, an assessment of LCF activities was carried out based entirely on the AST model.

“The work carried out has made it possible for these community foundations not only to assess the knowledge and practices they have acquired as their organizations have developed and to see their role through the eyes of their community, but also to understand how they can gain the trust of their community. By working with the AST model, community foundations have been able to discover new prospects and opportunities and to build their development strategy, at least for the near future,” said Larisa Avrorina, one of the leaders of the study, and program manager of the CAF charitable foundation.

Details of the full report can be found on the website.


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