Russia: Applications for disinfectant subsidy to be in by 15 August

150,000 NGOs and small businesses have submitted applications for a disinfectant-products subsidy


Final date for applications is 15 August 2020.

Russia’s Ministry for Economic Development has calculated how many applications have been received for a subsidy for preventive and disinfection measures. About 150,000 applications have already been received from NGOs and small/medium-sized businesses.

At the end of June, the government allocated 20 billion roubles from the Reserve Fund for COVID-19 Prevention, aimed at organisations that work in “close and constant” contact with employees, visitors, and customers.

Applications opened on 15 July and will close on 15 August. You need to contact the tax service for support. On the application form there needs to be a specified bank account for the grant to be transferred to.

The applications will be reviewed within three business days. If all the conditions are met, the Federal tax service will calculate the payment due, and the Federal Treasury will pay it.

The subsidy consists of initial and current expenses for preventive and disinfecting measures: the initial expense is covered by a fixed 15,000 roubles, and the further current expenses will be covered by a subsidy of 6,500 roubles, multiplied by the number of employees working in the organisation as of May 2020.

You can find out about all the support measures for NGOs and small/medium-sized businesses here.


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