Russia: budget subsidies for SONGOs

Moscow, 24.04.2015

The Ministry for Economic Development has announced a competition for federal budget subsidies for socially oriented NGOs (SONGOs). The funds will be to support SONGOs which work with other organisations (in the fields of information, consulting, methodology, spreading best practice in implementing projects, attracting volunteers) and have appropriate experience and competent staff.

The priority areas for the contest are: prevention of social orphanisation, support for mothers and children, improving the quality of life of elderly people, social adaptation of people with disabilities and their families, further education, scientific and artistic creativity, participatory sports, activities for children and youth in the sphere of ecology; international cooperation, preservation, utilisation and popularisation of the cultural heritage and the territory on which they are, development of intolerance towards corruption. Participants in the competition may become SONGOs, unless they are state or municipal institutions. Bids are accepted between 27 April and 28 May (details of how to bid are given – see Russian text).

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