Russia: Government proposes expanding list of SONGOs

The Federation’s Council of Ministers proposes expanding the list of SONGOs




The Council has recommended that organisations which work on issues affecting families, parenthood and childhood, as well as caring for homeless animals, should be recognised as SONGOs.


The Russian Government has submitted a Bill to the Duma that would expand the current list of SONGOs. In particular, the draft legislation proposes recognising organisations that work with stray animals as SONGOs so that they can receive State support.


The Bill’s Explanatory Note states that the protection and prevention of cruelty to stray animals should be considered socially important work as it indirectly affects people’s wellbeing.


The Bill proposes that the list of SONGOs should also include organisations that work on family, parenthood and childhood issues, as well as those that support children without parental care.


The draft legislation also recommends that CSOs provide additional information to that already required by the Ministry of Justice. As well as submitting reports, the Bill will oblige CSOs to publish their organisation’s charter. The Bill’s authors say that such transparency will increase the accessibility of information about organisations and the level of trust in the CSO sector.


The Explanatory Note also states that the legislation will improve the quality of services provided by creating an environment that promotes excellence and the development of CSOs.




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