Russia: Parents of children with disabilities can now go in to hospital with their child

Parents of children with disabilities can now be admitted to hospital with their child

Changes in the law took effect on 1 January.


The changes mean that one parent, another family member or a legal guardian can stay in hospital free of charge when accompanying a child of any age for the duration of their in-patient treatment. The child’s individual programme of rehabilitation and enablement must be designed to address second or third‑degree limitations in at least one of the following categories: ability to care for oneself, travel around, socialise, study or control one’s behaviour.

Before the changes were approved, only parents of children under four years old could stay in hospital free of charge. Parents could stay with older children for a fee, but it could be waived if the hospital decided that the child’s medical condition warranted this.

“There’s another question that is still unresolved. Young adults with disabilities (18 and older) who have psychological disorders effectively continue to be vulnerable children who can’t live independently away from their parents or guardians. But hospitals have no obligation to make cost-free arrangements for carers in these cases; they could even refuse them entry completely. The solution to that problem is yet to be found,” said Pavel Kantor, counsel for the legal group, the Centre for Therapeutic Training.


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