Russia: proposal to increase salaries of CSO chiefs

Elena Topoleva-Soldunova has proposed raising the salaries of CSO chiefs




Article published on the ASI website


Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, a member of the Federation’s Public Chamber, has proposed revising the State Labour Code as a means of regulating the salaries of heads of CSOs. As well as State institutions, non-profit organisations are also involved in resolving pressing social issues, with staff often working on a voluntary basis, she said.


Elena said it was difficult for CSOs to recruit people as salaries in the non-profit sector are lower than in business and State institutions. Those already working for CSOs sometimes have to combine different specialisms because their organisations cannot afford to employ many staff. And even a head of a CSO may not receive a salary and only work on a voluntary basis. This anomaly is not covered anywhere under current national employment law.


“Under the Federation’s Labour Code, a person who works regularly on a permanent basis for a CSO but doesn’t receive a wage is not considered to have employment status. This is an absurd situation that needs to be changed. This is the challenge for us”, said Elena.



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