Russia: Survey of public views on priorities for support for families

Priority to be given to helping large families and those with children with disabilities in 2024: Results of a survey carried out by the NAFS




The National Agency for Financial Studies Analytical Centre (NAFS) and the Eurasian Women’s Forum have conducted a survey to find out whether Russians have heard about 2024 being declared the Year of the Family in which 1,600 people over the age of 18 from all over Russia took part.


59% of respondents had heard about it, with awareness among families with children slightly higher at 62%. Among the 41% of those asked who were not aware of it were young people between 18 and 24 years of age, residents of the North Caucasus Federal District, non-working Russians and those who don’t have any children.


More than half of the respondents (57%) believe that large families should receive the most help this year, while 53% thought that families who had a disabled child needed special consideration. 41% prioritised young families, while 37% said that single mothers or fathers should be supported.


Russians who have children were also asked what events timed to coincide with the Year of the Family would be of interest to them. 61% suggested concerts, theatre productions, exhibitions and other events. 46% said they would like to attend lectures, seminars and courses for parents, while 40% preferred sports competitions.


Parents with several children were more interested in educational (52%) and sporting events (47%). Parents with one or two children (61%) preferred cultural entertainment.


The NAFS Analytical Centre is a broad-based research company that conducts public opinion surveys, market research and analysis and business consultancy.





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