Russia: trends in donations March-June 2020

Donations to NGOs began to fall after the removal of the self-isolation regime


This article contains data from a June 2020 report into non-profit organisations’ benchmarking.

On 20 June, Help is Needed in partnership with Yandex.Money presented their report into NGO benchmarking.

The research found across June 2020, the number of donations began to fall when compared with data from the Spring. However, donations still remain higher than the previous year.

Analysts noticed a shift in the sectors receiving support: in March and April 2020 people began to give more donations to socially vulnerable groups, however by June the figure returned to the same level as the previous year, amounting to 915 roubles on average. In April and May, donations to healthcare and medical causes increased. They grew by 10% with an average donation of 400 roubles.

According to the analysts, the increase in the number of donations in the Spring, correlated with a reduction in the average amount. This process was also observed in June.

An increase in donations to human rights NGOs also featured, rising by 37% to an average of 622 roubles.

Trends in relation to culture, science and education have “not changed significantly”, but in comparison with 2019, the outlook is still a positive one.

The only sector that received markedly more donations in June, was the environment. On average, each donation came to 392 roubles. The figures exceeded not only the previous month, but the previous year.

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The Benchmarking of NGO Fundraising Activities project will help NGO management to understand how their organisation’s work is changing. Benchmarking (regular measurement and comparison of performance indicators of organisations. ed) allows NGOs to compare their own performance with other organisations in the sector, to understand whether their previous activities have been successful, and using this information, adjust the strategy in good time. It was launched in November 2019 by the Help is Needed foundation in partnership with Yandex.Money. The project was supported by If We Are Being Precise, a statistical analysis programme which collects statistics freely available from government agencies, non-governmental and non-profit organisations and other sources. The project was implemented as part of the Effective Philanthropy programme with support from the Vladimir Potanin charitable fund.


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