Russian and CIS Tooba subscribers raise more than 50m roubles for earthquake victims by 9 February

Russian and CIS Tooba subscribers raise more than 16 million roubles for victims of earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Money to be used for medicine, food and clothes


The earthquake struck in southern Turkey on 6 February. The Zakyat Foundation organised a collection for victims on 6 and 7 February via Tooba. The initial collection target of 3 million roubles was reached in six hours. As users continued to send donations, the foundation then increased its target.

A total of 16,861,394 roubles was donated.

“We collected the first 500,000 roubles in 15 minutes. In the first hour, the number of donors on the app had risen fivefold,” said Ramazan Medzhidov, founder of Tooba.

Update: 9 February, 11.35am

Tooba has reported that subscribers from Russia and the CIS have already sent more than 50 million roubles to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

The Tooba app was launched in 2018. Since then, it has collected more than 600 million roubles for charitable foundations. Tooba works jointly with more than 100 foundations.


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