Russian donations to charity in 2023

VK Dobro report reveals how much Russians donated to charity in 2023




The online charity platform VK Dobro has published its annual report for 2023 in conjunction with the corporate charity The Code of Kindness.


Last year, Russians made more than 259,000 donations totalling nearly 115 million roubles to charitable causes via VK Dobro and The Code of Kindness. In 2023, regular donations increased by 31.6% and the average donation amount made using the online site by 3.3%. Donations for projects to support the elderly rose by 15.4% and by 5.5% for animal welfare.


In addition, 36 more charities have joined the platform, with 274 organisations now represented on VK Dobro.


VK’s corporate charity, The Code of Kindness, together with its commercial brand partners, organised a number of activities during 2023, including:


  • The sale of “Kindness tickets” for the VK Fest. VK doubled the number of donations which resulted in 2.5 million roubles being distributed to CSOs;


  • A charity sale of items and accessories belonging to famous artists and bloggers. Following the sale, all the money raised (969,000 roubles) was donated to the Second Breath charitable foundation;


  • A charity project #TheatreHelps at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre which enabled audiences to make donations to charities supported by the theatre’s artists;


  • A New Year’s initiative The Garland of Kindness with the retail chain Magnit that raised over two million roubles which was donated to 16 regional charities;


  • A special charity initiative with the company Samolet which raised over three million roubles in donations from more than 500 of its staff that will go to projects that help children and adults, the elderly, animal welfare, together with environmental projects and support for cultural activities.



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