Russian families with children unaware of benefits available.

Every third Russian family with children does not know about the available benefits




From August 13 to October 14, 2019, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation conducted a country-wide survey titled ‘Family policy: measures of support through the eyes of families.’ The study has been prepared for the Community Forum on 31 October. According to the survey, more than 35% of families with children do not receive the social support measures available because they are not aware of them.


72% of respondents do not receive the holiday gifts available to them; only 25% of those surveyed are aware of them. Only 35% of large families utilise their monthly free visit to museums, theatres, recreation parks, swimming pools and sports complexes. 65% of families do not know that they have such an opportunity.


Rural residents are even less aware of the benefits on offer. Only 1% of those surveyed reported that they took advantage of their transport benefits. 60% admitted that they had not even thought about the possibility. In addition, 58% of the villagers are not aware of the available tax benefits on transport, land and property.


The survey also showed that only 18% of Russian families receive benefits for children with disabilities. 53% were unaware of such state support.


According to Lyubov Khrapilina, director of the RANEPA social science development centre for social development, about 60% of Russian citizens who are entitled to certain benefits do not know about them. This is due to the lack of systematic information ftom social protection bodies and other services.


‘Information from the social protection bodies or services responsible for publicising this information has not developed for a long time. Nobody comes to people with such information, and, of course, as a result, many do not know what they have rights to,’ Khrapilina explained.




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