Russian government funds volunteers to help the elderly in self-isolation

Medical Volunteers will receive 242 million roubles to help the elderly in self-isolation


The movement which has organised volunteer headquarters will be given a government subsidy,

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated this at a government meeting on April 2.

Mr Mishutin said that “this Coronavirus situation requires a caring attitude from all citizens. Representatives of the volunteer movements took the initiative to organise operational headquarters to help the elderly, for instance with buying food and medicine. I think this initiative is correct and very timely”.

Volunteer headquarters are open in all regions of Russia. They are continuing to register volunteers. By calling the hotline 8-800-200-34-11, you can leave a request, ask them to buy food and basic necessities or to help in some other way, so that elderly people do not have to leave the house. However, ASI experience has found that the Moscow hotline does not always work quickly.


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