Russian proposal on purchase of housing for orphans

Bill on payments for the purchasing of housing for orphans adopted by Duma


The bill proposes to provide orphans who have not received housing from the state by age 23 with funds to buy or pay off mortgages.



The bill explains that most regions in Russia are unable to provide housing for orphans until the age of 18, so they are forced to buy housing independently. The proposal is to provide orphans with payments to support them in purchasing a house or repaying a mortgage. Orphans over the age of 23, and who are registered as needing housing, will be eligible for payments.


The average size of the payment is 2,759,900 roubles, in accordance with the normative cost of one square metre of floor area, established by the Ministry of Construction, and social norms of individual living quarters. Regional authorities may increase (but not decrease) the minimum size of the payment and standard of living premises.


The draft law was developed by the government and is posed on the Duma website.




Translated by: Spencer Michaels

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