Russian state employees allowed to run certain NGOs

State employees given the right to manage certain types of NGOs




This innovative move is aimed at improving State anti-corruption policies.


Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing Government employees to manage some types of NGOs, according to a statement on the Russian President’s website. In addition, the legislative document has been published on the State Duma’s site.


Under the new law, State and municipal employees are allowed to become members of civil organisations, of housing, house-building, garage, horticultural, market-gardening and holiday consumer cooperatives, as well as property owners’ associations. In addition, State and municipal employees will be allowed to participate on a voluntary basis in the running of named NGOs as sole executive authority, or by being part of the organisation’s collective management structure with the approval of their employer as laid out under State legislation and regulations or municipal Act”.


The law amends certain Federal legislation aimed at improving Government anti-corruption policies. The legislation was submitted to the State Duma by the Russian President during 2016.



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