Russian Union of Pensioners joins European counterpart

The Russian Union of Pensioners joins the European Federation of Older Persons


A delegation of the Russian Union of Pensioners took part in the annual congress of the European Federation of Older Persons (EURAG).  The congress was held in Vienna in early October to celebrate 55 years since the foundation of the Federation.  This was the first time that representatives from Russia had joined EURAG.

The European Federation of Older Persons is a non-religious NGO which was established in 1962 with headquarters in Luxemburg.  EURAG represents the interests of millions of elderly people across Europe.  Its members are public and private organisations and institutions.  Currently EURAG has member-organisations from 27 different European countries.  Its aim is to raise the quality of life for the older generation to a decent standard on a social and political level.

“Society is getting older.  It is a trend that is happening throughout the world.  Therefore, our mission for the near future is to re-evaluate the potential of elderly people and to develop opportunities for their education, engagement and contribution to society” commented Valery Ryazansky, Chairman of the Russian Union of Pensioners.  “We are keen to find out about the experience of our European partners in dealing with so-called healthy ageing and, more specifically, with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. They are now placing a heavy burden on society in developed countries and this burden will continue to grow in the future.  European governments first drew our attention to this problem and they have been making serious progress in tackling it”.

From conversations with delegates from 20 European countries the Russian delegates noted that the difficulties facing the older generation are remarkably similar regardless of where they live.  The delegates therefore agreed to share their experience in protecting the social and economic rights of pensioners, countering age discrimination and strengthening inter-generational ties.

Addressing the Russian delegation, the President of EURAG Dick Jarre said, “It has been a great honour to welcome your amazing organisation to the European Federation of Older Person as one of our new members.  I believe that our cooperation is of great importance to our organisations and the future of pensioners throughout Europe”.




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