Russian volunteers to be sent abroad to help refugees etc

Russian volunteers to be sent abroad to help refugees, work in schools and restore monuments


An international Goodwill Mission programme was announced on 25 June by the Association of Volunteer Centres, Rossotrudnichestvo, and the Russian Humanitarian Mission CSO.

There are plans to send up to 150 volunteers to Commonwealth of Independent States countries this year. In future, foreign volunteers will be able to come to Russia to work in social projects in the education, culture, environmental and healthcare sectors.

Russian volunteers will assist refugees, work in schools and medical organisations, restore cultural monuments and military graves and provide help in the event of natural and man-made disasters.

“We will send 100-150 Russian volunteers to post-Soviet countries. I’d really like us to have 2,000-3,000 volunteers in the next few years”, said Yevgeny Primakov, Head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

How to be an international volunteer

Artem Metelev, Chair of the Association of Volunteer Centres, explained that lifeguards, medics, environmentalists, teachers and lawyers will be recruited and placed on the volunteer register.

In order to become a volunteer, you must first register on the website, complete a questionnaire highlighting your skills and volunteer experience, pass competency tests (stress tolerance, performance, teamwork and leadership), an online course and an interview.

Each volunteer will receive training prior to their involvement in a humanitarian mission abroad. Help will also be provided to cover insurance, travel and accommodation costs and in obtaining a visa. Source:

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