Russians uninformed or negative about NGOs

survey carried out by the Levada Centre in 2013 shows that the number of
Russians who are knowledgeable about NGOs has decreased from 19% in 2012 to 16%
now. 29% have never heard of the third sector whilst 52% have heard ‘something’
about it. The survey also showed that the number that approves of NGOs being
required to register by law if they receive foreign financing and engage in
political activities, has increased.


significant number approved of the imposition of severe sanctions on NGOs
classed as foreign agents but not registering as such voluntarily: 19% were
totally and absolutely in favour and 34% inclined to be so. Only 5% were
unreservedly opposed..


from the various options presented by the researchers to describe the essence
of what NGOs do, most chose affording charitable aid to different groups (35%)
and the resolution of social problems (31%). However, 15% considered that NGOs
engage in political activity and 12% that all the third sector does is to ‘beg’
for money.


of respondents were inclined to take a more positive view of what NGOs do
whilst only 4% sharply disapproved. However, the majority approved of the
legislation affecting NGOs being made more severe – 14% totally and 35% being
quite inclined to do so.


detailed results of the survey are available on the Levada site:

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