Russia’s Education Minister asked to introduce lessons for children on avoiding sexual abuse

The Federation’s Education Minister asked to include lessons for children on avoiding sexual abuse as part of their education




A petition has been posted on by the Olga Bochkova Safety Academy.


In early June, Olga Bochkova’s Safety Academy and the Consortium of Women’s CSOs, with support from the “You will be believed” charity and “Netabu” programmes, carried out research on the scale of sexual violence in Russia. It showed that the risk of becoming a victim of such abuse increases dramatically from the age of four to six, peaks from 7 to 12 years of age and remains high until the age of 16. However, girls were less likely to face the threat of violence (and more likely to avoid it) if they have received sex education.


However, more than a third of respondents said that they had not been taught the basics of protecting themselves from sexual abuse. Only 4% had known about the inviolability of intimate parts of the body as children.


The petition asks the Education Minister Sergey Kravtsov to introduce extracurricular lessons (classroom hours) on personal safety for children. “We believe that a systemic approach to teaching children on how they can protect themselves from sexual abuse that begins in kindergarten can reduce the number of crimes committed against them. This will help to shape a child’s individual development and understanding of personal boundaries, teach them to recognise the dangers and how to avoid them”, the petition explains.


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