Socially-oriented NGOs to help combat unemployment

Moscow 18 February 2015

 Socially oriented NGOs (SONGOS) are helping to combat unemployment

 The State Duma (parliament) has been giving a first reading to a bill expanding the list of kinds of activities that SONGOS might undertake to increase labour mobility. The bill was introduced by the government. The deputies (MPs) discussed methods of giving support to organisations combating unemployment in the crisis, according to Izvestia (a newspaper).

Izvestia quoted the deputy chair of the Duma committee on communal and religious organisations, Sergei Obukhov, as saying, ‘We have a crisis. So we are looking at different ways of dealing with it, for instance, fighting unemployment with the help of NGOs. When fires broke out SONGOS appeared to fight the fires – now there is an issue about labour mobility.’

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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