SONGOs as key resource for social sector

Valentina Matvienko: SO NGO – a most important development resource for the social sphere


At the Second Forum for Social Innovation in the Regions, which took place in Krasnogorsk, the chairperson of the Federation Council came out in support for a legislative strengthening of financial support for socially oriented non-commercial organisations.

Valentina Matvienko announced that it is essential not to decrease the level of financing for socially oriented non-commercial organisations when deciding budgets for the coming years, “Izvestia” reports. She thinks that SO NGOs are a most important development resource for the social sphere, but only 8% of citizens “trust NGOs as a solution to social issues”.

 “I think that it is essential to stimulate the creation of a fully developed, all-Russian resource base of innovative development in the social sphere, to strengthen budgetary support with legislation for socially oriented NGOs, as well as to strengthen the status of institutions receiving this support”, the publication quotes Matvienko as saying.

She emphasised that benefits currently offered to small businesses are also due to be extended to the non-commercial sector. Matvienko thinks, “The work on the draft law regarding state and municipal contracts for providing state (municipal) services in the social sphere should be speeded up as well”.

In 2016, a road map to support the access of non-governmental organisations to a provision of services in the social sphere was adopted. Moreover, from 1 January, the law “on providers of socially useful services” came into effect, affecting socially oriented non-commercial organisations, which have been providing socially useful services of a suitable quality for at least a year.



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