Strategy approved for rehabilitation of disabled people up to 2025

A strategy for the development of a rehabilitation system for people with disabilities up to 2025 approved


The aim of this strategy is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities which has been approved by Russia’s Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin.

As a result of this initiative, at least 95% of disabled people will be entitled to basic and comprehensive habilitation and rehabilitation services up to 2025.

Under the strategy, there are plans to:

  • Compile a nationwide list of services in the main areas of habilitation and rehabilitation;
  • Expand the network of organisations that provide these services;
  • Involve not only doctors but also trainers, psychologists and social workers in this effort;
  • Develop a system for mobile rehab services;
  • Create a scientific and technical framework for the development of a comprehensive rehab system;
  • Develop a mechanism for inter-agency collaboration between those involved in the rehab process;
  • Adopt new legal provisions in order to regulate issues of integrated rehabilitation.

There are currently 11.3 million disabled people living in Russia.

The strategy envisages the introduction of a range of specific measures. For example, developing legal mechanisms that will encourage market innovation in terms of rehab equipment and improving the State procurement system for acquiring such goods.

A separate section is devoted to a wide-ranging rehab programme for disabled children including measures to combat childhood disability, developing interactive learning technologies, as well as providing family support services.

The Ministry of Labour will also prepare and submit a detailed action plan for implementing the strategy to government within the next three months.

The strategy document can be accessed via the Russian government website (


Translated by Neil Hailey

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