Two thirds of Russian charities raised more funds in 2020

Rusfond.Navigator reports: in 2020 charities were able to increase funds raised and aid available

In the midst of a pandemic, Russian fundraising charities were able to raise more than 26.4 billion roubles. This is one-third more than in 2019.


Rusfond.Navigator, the comprehensive directory of charity fundraising organisations in Russia, sets out the figures in its ninth edition. In 2020, Rusfond collected 101,896,673 roubles that had been raised to help fight the pandemic. Two-thirds of the charities in the Rusfond directory were able to increase their collections. In 5% of cases, the share of donations more than doubled.

The following charities increased their donations most of all: Geography of Kindness, Alive, A Gift to an Angel, Second Breath, Artemka, The Road of Life and Happiness in Old Age. The charity Gift a Life raised the most funds.

“One of the main reasons for the increase in fundraising collections is the amount of funds donated by large donors” says Rusfond.Navigator.

Last year, for example, additional fundraising events were held by the Presidential Grants Fund and the Vladimir Putin Charitable Foundation, which allocated 2 billion and 1 billion roubles respectively to support CSOs. The charity Absolute Help held the largest fundraising event in its history, raising 300 million roubles.

In 2020, there was also an increase in donations from companies and individual citizens, owing perhaps, to the spirit of ‘everybody wanting to help’.

Equally, a third of charitable foundations have experienced a decrease in funds. At the same time, 25% experienced an increase in programme expenses. It was therefore necessary to reduce administrative costs. For the remaining foundations, programme costs also decreased.


Translated by Holly Battye

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