Ukrainian government allocates additional funding for shelters for schools and hospitals

Ukraine’s Council of Ministers has allocated one billion hryvnia (UAH) for the provision of shelters in hospitals




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Ukraine’s Government has set aside additional funds for the construction of fortifications and shelters in schools and hospitals.


The safety of Ukrainians is of paramount importance, particularly children on the home front. First and foremost is the need for safe shelters in educational institutions.


At a recent Government meeting, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said “235 shelters have already been built in schools with funds allocated to communities in the form of State subsidies. This year, we will set aside another 2.5 billion UAH, as well as creating a safe environment for offline learning for around 300,000 pupils”.


Another one billion UAH has been provided by the Government for building shelters in hospitals. Shmygal also mentioned support that has been received from international partners, in particular 70 million dollars from Japan through the World Bank to reimburse the State budget for costs incurred under the medical guarantee programme.




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