VKontakte creates hub for charitable organisations

The “VKontakte” network creates a hub for charitable organisations




Charities and other social network users will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news from the NGO sector through the charity hub “VKontakte” (VK).


“VK has been keeping a close eye on developments in the charity sector for many years. Many charities choose VK as their main platform for communicating with their audiences due to it being simple and convenient to use. We are developing a new systematic approach to our work with charities and in social projects through our Charity VK Team, the social network reports.


You’ll be able to find out more of VK’s plans in the charity sector online, as well as learning of potential opportunities for collaboration in charity projects. VK intends to create a map of bona fide charity communities that provide tools free of charge to help charitable foundations in their work.


A special training programme in the form of a free online course is being arranged for charitable organisations and will involve leading experts from the business and NGO sectors, as well as the VK team. Participation in the programme will help charitable foundations understand how charity communities operate, as well as learning how best to promote social projects using social network tools.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/02/10/set-vkontakte-sozdala-soobshhestvo-dlya-blagotvoritelnyh-organizatsij/



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