Volunter.ru helps NGOs and would-be voluteers

More than 3,000 people register on the Volunter.ru website




The Union of Volunteer Organisations and Movements has reviewed the results of the trialling of a volunteer website funded by Moscow’s PR Committee.


The Volunter.ru website began operating at the end of 2016 with 43 NGOs taking part over a four-month period. These organisations provided help to child orphans, homeless people and animals, hospice patients, elderly people living on their own, disabled people, children suffering from various illnesses and the environment. The organisations created 86 volunteer posts. During its trial, the website was visited by more than 39,000 people, 3,155 of whom registered as volunteers. Potential volunteers were able to apply online for permanent NGO posts such as interpreter, photographer, walking homeless dogs and making cups of tea for homeless people. One-off volunteer activities were advertised on the site’s “Events” section, e.g. helping the “Arithmetic of Kindness” charity organise a charity run.


Through the website, the “Happiness in Old Age” charity has managed to find a number of volunteers to work in social networks. “The more important the site, the wider the audience its creators is able to attract. The posting of events is currently the most important feature of the site for us”, said Alexandra Kuzmicheva, a PR and media expert at “Happiness in Old Age”.


According to its creators, the website makes it easy for volunteers to find work in the social sector. “There are no obvious ways for people not involved in NGO work to become active in the social sector. People need to find organisations that either help certain groups or those involved in trying to resolve particular issues. Organisations are able to advertise a particular job on Volunter.ru for which potential volunteers can apply. This makes it a lot easier for people to become involved in some form of social activity where they can make a meaningful contribution”, said Igor Donenko, the website’s project manager.


In order to register on the site, NGOs have to submit an annual report on their work, as well as official documentation confirming their status. Organisations will also be able to ask the Union of Volunteer Organisations for advice on how best to use the site in order to attract volunteers. “Advice for NGOs will be useful for resolving issues that can arise when working with volunteers and in developing a volunteer framework within an organisation’s work practices. Such support will also include how to establish and develop working relationships and an environment which is both attractive and challenging for volunteers”, said Donenko. Organisations seeking advice should call +7 (985) 201-50-16.


The website’s creators are expecting to attract more regional NGOs. At present, most organisations are recruiting in Moscow, although the site is being used by many volunteers in other parts of the country.

You can register as a volunteer on http://volunter,ru/events


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/03/23/volonter-ru/


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