Illegal migrants to be banned from marrying and transferring money?

Proposal to prevent illegal migrants from marrying and transferring money




The Ministry of Internal Affairs has suggested the introduction of a “controlled stay” regime for foreigners who are in the Russian Federation illegally.


According to TASS, the Federation’s Interior Ministry has drafted a Bill that contains several restrictions for illegal migrants and a proposal to create a “controlled stay” system in a number of instances if:


  • A foreign citizen’s temporary stay or residence permit has expired;
  • He/she has entered the country illegally;
  • His/her visa, refugee or temporary asylum status or citizenship has been revoked.


In such cases, the person’s details will be entered into the relevant register, which will form the basis for the imposition of a number of prohibitions and restrictions:


  • A ban on State registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • A ban on the purchase of real estate, vehicles and self-propelled cars;
  • A ban on State cadastral registration of real estate;
  • A ban on State registration of motor vehicles;
  • Restrictions on driving;
  • Permission to take a driving test or to replace vehicle licences may be refused;
  • The ability to open bank accounts, transfer money or get married may be denied.


Once entered in the register, foreign citizens will be obliged to report on their whereabouts or risk deportation if they fail to comply.


Valentina Kazakova, Head of the Ministry’s Main Department for Migrant Issues, explained that the measures outlined in the draft Bill “will help identify illegal migrants and result in their removal from the Russian Federation”.



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