Yandex Money creates on-line facilities for donations to NGOs

Yandex Money creates new tools for online donation for NGOs

Moscow, 27.10.2014

Yandex Money has launched the platform for collecting sponsorship online. Project Vmeste brings together three new payment instruments for individuals as well as charitable funds. Now it will be possible for users and companies alike to organise professional money collection on their own payment sites without particular technical knowledge or additional spending, emphasised Yandex.

“Until now it has been impossible for many charitable organisations to facilitate online payment on their own websites, or to build a professional facility for donations on the internet that is convenient for its users, and not only for large funds.  And also private initiatives. There are very few simple and simultaneously technically advanced solutions for collecting money over the internet,” says Alla Sachenko, the product director for Yandex Money. “Our platform eliminates the delay in wanting to help and completing a transaction, both for the user and the charity. This has the potential to turn the market on its head.”

The Vmeste project brings together three new payment instruments: Kassa (Eng: Checkout), form and page. The first instrument is a page to facilitate payment. Any user can explain what they are collecting for (whether for a friend’s present or a good deed, or even the launch of their next music album) and share the page, for example, on social networks. An individual page will be able to take payment via bank cards or using Yandex Money accounts, and transfer them into a digital wallet for the user.

Two other instruments have been developed specially for charitable organisations – they allow for money to be transferred straight into the organisation’s bank account.

The form for collecting money represents a tool, with the help of which it is possible to organise a mechanism for donations from digital wallets and bank cards in a few minutes. The other instrument, Kassa, is a payment solution which has already been adapted for charity and allows payment without special technical integration through all the most popular methods: via bank cards, from digital wallets, via mobile phones, in cash through terminals and mobile phone shops. Kassa also facilitates the possibility of regular direct debit payments. To use Kassa, an application form must be completed, and Yandex Money will create a payment page themselves over the course of a few days and provide it with support.

In the long term, Yandex Money plans to provide other instruments for charities on Vmeste, such as widgets showing how many people have already donated money to a project, catalogues of active projects and foundation pages. Yandex Money will take a commission of up to 3% on payments completed with the help of the new service.

Experts believe that convenient instruments for collecting donations are important for charitable organisations, but with regards to crowdfunding for charitable projects, even the most convenient instruments may not be sufficient. Conscientious use of new services will play a big role.

“According to our research, the main barrier preventing 49% of the internet audience from donating to charity on the internet is a lack of trust in charitable organisations themselves. It is for this reason in particular that organisations go through a three-stage verification process in order to be classed as “charitable”: reputation, then documents must be sent to our security service, and finally the legal department in Group. We only allow honest and approved charitable organisations access to our users once we can be completely certain that users will be provided with a breakdown of exactly where the money has gone once the project is completed,” Alexandra Babkina, the project manager at, explained. “A person can only open up his/her heart and wallet once he/she can be sure that the payment method is reliable, not to mention a monthly direct debit payment. That is why our fundamental work is currently rooted in informing users and increasing their trust in NGOs. At the moment, Money takes a commission of 0.01% on completed online donations.”

Online Leika, the previous system for regulating the collection of online donations for NGOs, and especially for charities, was developed by Social Technology Greenhouse. The Leika plugin could be placed on any site running on WordPress.

By Yulia Vyatkina

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