The BEARR Trust Small Grants Scheme 2010

Grants were awarded as follows, under each segment of the scheme:

A. Helping the homeless and institutionalised reintegrate into society

Open Alternative, Togliatti, with Lawyers for Civil Society, Moscow, for a project to exchange experience among active NGOs and other stakeholders working with homeless and socially marginalised women.

Social Investments, Togliatti, with New Social Solutions (NSS), St Petersburg, for a project to transfer NSS experience, in particular with a street magazine, and adapt it to the Togliatti situation. Trial publication of three months’ street magazines, and support for distributors.

UNESCO Club Dignity of the Child, Volgograd, for a range of activities aiming to reduce bullying and violence in orphanages, benefitting 1500 children in four institutions.

The Source of Hope, Perm, with Centre for Social Adaptation GKAU,

for a project involving provision of food, shelter, medical and social support, and searching for job placements for homeless people

Kitezh will also continue to receive its ongoing grant to support students in further education from the Kitezh orphan village.

This segment of the scheme is sponsored by the law firm Baker Botts.

B. Support networks for young mental health sufferers

Apra, Georgia, with Partnership for Equal Rights, for a project developing family support groups in regions of Georgia, disseminating the skills and experience gained in Tbilisi, and heightening awareness of the need for family involvement among professionals and decision makers

Shapagat, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, for establishing a rehabilitation information centre for families of young people with mental health problems, giving free consultations on legal, social, psychological and pedagogical matters.

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