Ukraine Appeal Update 28 March

Thank you for your continued support of our Ukraine Appeal. A month into our response and we have raised almost £160,000 from more than 800 donors. A small team of our trustees have been working over the last four weeks to quickly transfer funds to BEARR’s contacts, who are providing emergency assistance and care to vulnerable people in Ukraine or arriving in Moldova. As of today, two thirds of this money has been sent to local organisations, and we are responding to new requests for support daily. 

To ensure the funds from our campaign are reaching those who need it most as fast as possible, we are sending repeat payments to our partners that are responding to the crisis quickly and effectively. One recipient in Ukraine reached out in the first few days of our emergency response. They were distributing food and medicine to elderly people unable to relocate, whilst also transporting families who wished to leave for the border. With money from our appeal, they were able to buy petrol, deliver food packages and provide psychological support and care to vulnerable people in the area. With further funding from BEARR, they have now set up a humanitarian aid hub in the centre of town, accrued a growing network of volunteers, and are able to distribute food and supplies on a much larger scale.

Another of our partners has used funds from our campaign to provide medicine, food, transport, and bedding to over five regions of southeastern Ukraine. Alongside setting up temporary shelters for internally displaced people arriving in the region, they have sent emergency aid to nearby besieged cities, as well as to neighbouring towns and villages not yet accessed by international aid.

BEARR is continuing to support the relief effort in Moldova. Our trustee Megan has been there for almost three weeks now, and recently transported two minibus loads of supplies to Comrat with one of BEARR’s partners. They were greeted by the mayor, and their meeting and delivery was publicised on local news. You can find a video clip of their arrival here.

The needs in Chisinau are growing, and even more so in the regions. Food is in short supply and costs are rising, meanwhile international assistance is not reaching the refugees arriving in the country, and the municipalities funds are limited.

Having Megan and Jane in Moldova means that BEARR has been in direct contact with organisations on the ground, and we are able to support the distribution of supplies to refugees around Moldova. Read the latest update on our website stories here.

Megan delivering five fridges and a TV to a refugee centre in Gaugazia.

We would like to once again thank all the individuals and organisations who have set up fundraisers to support our Ukraine appeal. If you would like to set up an event on our behalf, please contact

We are incredibly grateful to all those have donated to, shared and supported our campaign. As we move into the fifth week of our response, we kindly ask that you continue to spread the word about BEARR’s support of the relief effort in Ukraine and Moldova. 

With warm wishes, 
The BEARR Trust

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